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Quality comes first

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We source the good stuff. The best stuff. The top tier of activewear.

Clean and green

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All of our items are thoroughly cleaned before starting their journey to your front door (in sustainable packaging).

Helps you save

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Slow down fast-fashion and save both the planet, and the pennies.

We know that fast fashion is killing it.

The planet, not your style game. But you already knew that.

Buying second-hand, and keeping garments in circulation, shrinks the ‘new clothes needed’ market. That might feel like a drop in the ocean. But, once your friends, your colleagues and beyond, start doing the same, that change becomes an epic wave.

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The goods

Sweaty Betty Hoodie - Size Large
£ 30.00 GBP
O'neil Ski Pants - Size X-Small
£ 25.00 GBP
Nike Leggings - Size Medium
£ 25.00 GBP
Girlfriend Collective Maternity Leggings - Size Small
£ 30.00 GBP
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We want more good stuff in your wardrobe, less in landfill.

So we buy and sell activewear to keep it circular.

Our Mission

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What our customers say

I absolutely love Goodfit!

I'm a huge secondhand shopper but often struggle to find high quality activewear, so Goodfit is amazing! The quality of their items brilliant, fast delivery and just all round great brand - definitely recommend!


Incredible business.

A wonderful small business looking to make us just that tiny bit more sustainable. The quality of the clothes is excellent, clearly freshly washed and ironed and arrived 2 days after ordering. Would give them 5 stars.

EF Bryan


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