A little bit about us.

So, who are we?

Goodfit sells a curated collection of secondhand, like-new, activewear from top brands like Lululemon and Sweaty Betty.

We set up shop after our founder committed to ‘no new clothes’ for a whole year. She realised the ease (and joy) of shopping secondhand for wherever she was going – be that a wedding, the office, or just to bed. Gym clothes were harder to find.

Everyone wants quality activewear. It’s why so many of us pay a lot for it. But with fast fashion becoming a bigger environmental issue every day, she saw an opportunity to slow it down.

What exactly do we do?

Well, we source the best secondhand workout clothes, and curate monthly (ish) collections – with drops that feature multiple brands, products, and sizes – and sell to you for a much lower price than you’d find in-store. There are no sweaty crop tops or worn-out leggings in our kit. We scout out the top notch stuff: unwanted PR gifts, new-with-tags flea market finds, and stuff from other secondhand sellers. So, though it might have been owned by someone else before you, you wouldn’t know it once it arrives at your door in our sustainable packaging. Our products are brand new, or like new, and ready to be worn, or reworn, after a thorough deep clean from the Goodfit team.

Why does it matter?

Because landfill is already full.

A lot of us sort of, kind of, know that fast fashion is bad. That might actually be why you’re here. But it can be overwhelming to find the facts. Well, here’s the reality: Textile waste is a huge problem. The fashion industry is the world’s second largest polluter (just after oil). 80% of all clothing is sent to landfill or incinerated in the average year. And, every single second, 2,625 kilos of clothing becomes waste.**Stats pulled from Greenpeace. We’d really recommend giving their site a visit for more information. While clothing companies continue to make new stuff (albeit ethically for some brands – just look at The Pangaia for that), we want existing clothes to be worn for longer. FYI, this is called ‘circularity’ in the world of secondhand. So rather than encourage you to buy new, and buy more, we’re asking you to give rewearing a go. And Goodfit is the place to try it.
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