What it means to be a

What it means to be a Good-fitter and our pledge for a better planet.
We are always truly authentic about our processes, practices, and purpose. There’s no dirty laundry to share – everything here is clean (steam-cleaned, in fact) – but, we want to open our metaphorical gym locker and fill you in on our brand pillars. The five points that keep us on track

We shop small, support local, and give back.
We’re not just in this for the activewear.

Doing good is sort of a mantra for us here at Goodfit. That’s why giving back is a must. It’s sewn into our brand fabric, if you like. Not just making gym clothes more accessible and affordable, but actually giving to those who need it – like charitable causes.

Every month, we’ll make a donation to a charity with a cut of our secondhand sales. We’ll tell you about them too, so that you can read up on the good work they’re doing.

We celebrate community (the IRL kind).
We want to spread the word beyond secondhand clothes, because this sustainable space is an exciting one.

The world of working out is full of opportunities to make changes, like cutting out single-use plastic by swapping to a reusable water bottle. We’ll be regularly promoting other brands who deserve a shout out.

Above all, this is a community and community means people. Whether it’s speaking with you on Instagram, or sharing the profiles of self-employed fitness instructors who are taking on new clients, we want Goodfit to go beyond physical products. We won’t call it a lifestyle (that feels a bit 90s), but we are a community.